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Hosts and their challenges

Explore the challenges presented by leading regional hospitals in Latvia.

Working alongside a hands-on team from one of the Latvian healthcare ecosystem's most prominent players could be just weeks away, and financing for the implantation - just a couple of months away!

Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital 

Helping over 300 thousand in- and outpatients every year, employing around 3000 people and being closely associated with the teaching process of two universities, Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital (PSCUF) is arguably the most impactful and well-known hospital in Latvia. Being located at its historic site with over 30 buildings adds to the complexity of its operations and requires improvement of the everyday experience of patients, their relatives and hospital personnel.


Visitor and employee-friendly navigation system of PSCUF’s territory and its neighbourhood.


jelgavas slimnica.png
Jelgava City Hospital

Jelgava City Hospital (JCH) is one of 7 regional multi-profile hospitals in Latvia, with over 250 inpatient beds across nine specialization departments. As a hub of the entire Zemgale region, JCH aims to adopt solutions for inpatient monitoring during the treatment period to improve the efficiency and quality standard of its healthcare operations across all hospital departments.


Tool for continuous monitoring of health conditions of inpatients.


Digital tool for monitoring patients’ movements and the location at the hospital's premises. 

RPNC anno logo CMYK.png
Riga Centre of Psychiatry and Narcology

Riga Centre of Psychiatry and Narcology (RCPN) is the biggest and leading hospital in the respective field in Latvia. To efficiently serve more patients nationwide as well as being exposed to limitations of Covid pandemics that adversely influence the ability of chronic psychiatric and narcology patients to pay a physical visit to the hospital for therapy assessment and consultations, RCPN is shifting its focus to telemedicine and preparing for an increasing outpatient interaction remotely.


Digital platform for online  inpatient consultations with the functionality of non-tamperable patient identification and registration of remote consultations. 

DRS-logo (1).png
Daugavpils Regional Hospital

Daugavpils Regional Hospital (DRH) is the biggest healthcare provider in Latvia outside of its capital Riga and predominantly serves patients of the South-Eastern region of the country. With a continuous upgrade of the medical technologies applied, improvement of standards of care as well as the growth of the analytical capacity of DRH, currently, there is a strong need to implement of a digital system that unites and integrates treatment records, patients’ conditions, and therapy progress assessment allowing to reduce risks of human error as well as providing more accurate data for analysis of treatment outcomes.


Hospital-wide digital platform for automated recording, supervision and analysis of prescribed and applied therapy and monitoring of the condition of the patients in the department of oncology.

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